WFL M65 Millturn is a lathe-milling unit able (capable) of performing precision mechanical machining. It is ideal for machining with a maximum diameter of 730 mm and a length up to 4500 mm, it creates a wide range of types of items: from eccentric shafts to gears using processes such as deep drilling, slotting or toothing.

It is a versatile machine that guarantees a very high precision of the workpiece without having to use an external measurement tool. This is made possible thanks to the internal measurement system.

The WFL M65 summarizes all the phases that a single piece can be subjected to during its manufacturing cycle, with a reduced number of placements and maintaining exceptional quality.

Purchased in late 2015, this 5 axis machining center can support up to 4500 kg.

Viemme is a leading company in precision machining. It can process large part machining and has6-axis CNC machining.