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Continuous Measurements and Statistical Process Control

During the manufacturing process steps, the operator certifies the quality of the product with repeated measurements according to the Statistical Process Control (SPC) method. This allows an evaluation of the deviation trend of process parameters from specification ranges and prevents the manufacture of defective parts through the early intervention of the process operator. By this way, the process capability can be defined and followed up. In case of subcontracting, the evidence of quality conformity has to be given by the subcontractor. An additional quality check by sampling is made with the incoming inspection, in order to assure that the quality level of the subcontractor is the same of Viemme Srl.




Quality policy

Quality Policy

Product engineering

Drawing based sample manufacturing in short time and serial production

When receiving a new product drawing, an accurate analysis and feasibility assessment of customer specifications is immediately carried on, in order to involve in a tight cooperation both the very experienced engineering teams of Viemme Srl and of the Customer.
It may happen often to implement corrections to the drawing or to the initial project, aiming to improve the mechanical and functional features of the product and optimizing at the same time the large scale production.


Integrated control policy to assure reliable delivery times

Viemme Srl relies on a particular management system that allows monitoring in real time the whole company in each business activity. This system allows the Company, when acknowledging an order, to simulate the manufacturing plan, in order to confirm a reliable delivery time to the Customer. Taking into account the order deadlines, the personnel resources effectively available, the capacity and efficiency of the single production units and the processing schedules, this integrated system allows Viemme Srl to optimize the load on machines and personnel resources, allowing the Company departments to be kept under control and the Customer to rely on this organization.

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