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Quality, Dynamism, Versatility, Flexibility

Established in 1984, Viemme Srl is an important company, supplying several Customers, both at national and international level.
The continuous advancement of the precision parts machining market, where Customers are more and more sensitive about quality, service and competitiveness, led Viemme to acquire methodologies assuring the attainment of such targets, the most effective of which being the Quality Managing System according to UNI EN ISO 9001, implemented since 2005.
Viemme Srl has consistently assigned a special consideration to the environment and safety management.

The “Vision” of Viemme Srl strives for being the regional leader on its application field among competitors of comparable size.
The “Mission” of Viemme Srl strives for being a stainless steel machining contractor, mainly on stainless steel, but also on other metal, meeting the expectations and needs of the Customer, with the commitment to the continuous improvement, based on the involvement of the whole personnel. The first resource of Viemme Srl is the personnel indeed.
Quality, service, dynamism, versatility and flexibility are the key words that summarize the philosophy of Viemme Srl in the best way and imprint its action since the starting up of a relationship with the Customer.


   Continuous Measurements and Statistical Process Control


  Drawing based sample manufacturing in short time and serial production


   Integrated control policy to assure reliable delivery times

Machines Fleet

From a mechanical and technological point of view, Viemme Srl is constantly striving to attain the top performance. A cutting edge equipment inventory is available and still growing up, in order to expand its production capacity and skills.
In addition to the machinery indicated, Viemme also has other machinery and equipment that complete the cycle of the production processing requested by the customer.