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5-axis CNC for large dimensions: WFL M65 Millturn

Obtaining large-scale, efficient, high-precision machining in a short time ispossible thanks to multifunction units such as the WFL M65 Millturn. This lathe-milling unit easily processes 2000mm long shafts, but with thesupport of steady rests and tailstocks it can perform turning operationseven on pieces up to 4.500mm long. Furthermore, the possibility of exploiting 5-axis machining allows to obtain finished pieces faster than standard machining, which usually involves further milling phases.
Market competitiveness, speed and precision are all encapsulated in a single process: this is the perfect way to meet the needs of today’s working activities. Further information on the website https://www.viemmesrl.com/

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6-axis CNC machining

These 2 milling machines constitute a respectable work island and are the spearhead of ViEmme SRL.
They’re the flagship of ViEmme SRL. These two milling machines represent a remarkable work unit for ViEmme SRL. They can process pieces with maximum dimensions of 700mm in length, 700mm in width and 700mm in height; and perform complex 6-axis machining and deep drilling.
They feature two switchable pallets, and can machine a piece in a limited amount of steps, decreasing the processing time and thus making ViEmme SRL extremely competitive in the market.
Further information on the website www.viemmesrl.com .

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