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6-axis CNC machining

These 2 milling machines constitute a respectable work island and are the spearhead of ViEmme SRL.
They’re the flagship of ViEmme SRL. These two milling machines represent a remarkable work unit for ViEmme SRL. They can process pieces with maximum dimensions of 700mm in length, 700mm in width and 700mm in height; and perform complex 6-axis machining and deep drilling.
They feature two switchable pallets, and can machine a piece in a limited amount of steps, decreasing the processing time and thus making ViEmme SRL extremely competitive in the market.
Further information on the website www.viemmesrl.com .

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M65 Millturn

Il Giornale: Cutting-edge solutions

Insert: Mechanics – Cutting-edge solutions – Investments in innovation shorten time and minimize errors during the precision component processing process. The point of Mariano Visentin

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